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UNIQA GlobalCare SA (formerly UNIQA Assurances SA until 2017) in Geneva acts as a Third-Party Administrator in international health insurance. Since1971, we have been managing comprehensive and innovative worldwide health insurance coverage for international organizations and multinational companies.

We believe that our customer focus and our customer’s satisfaction with our services will determine our successes now and in the future.

Quality at UNIQA means offering services that meet or exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.

Our employees, customers and suppliers are all important partners in our quality program. We establish and maintain long-term, open and responsible relationships with all our stakeholders.

At UNIQA we wish to be recognized as a leading supplier of insurance solutions and worldwide healthcare services for international organizations and multinational companies.

Our core corporate values of quality, flexibility, togetherness, decency and respect govern how our staff work with each other and with our partners in Switzerland and abroad, as well as how we approach our social commitments.

For unique local knowledge of Swiss health insurance, unique global expertise and unique health insurance solutions for multinational organisations, think UNIQA


UNIQA offers a 24/7 call center in case of emergency. A direct e-mail system is also available.

When required, a help desk can be set up on site for eligibility or reimbursement inquiry. UNIQA also proposes to organize specific meetings on site such as periodic information meetings.

Online member access:

Online access to individual account via our extranet portal (French- English - German)

At any time of the day, via a confidential and protected access to our website portal, our members are able to check the situation of his claims, personal data, claims history and print out his documents.

Any member can check his pending claims, personal data, claims history or to print out his documents trough a confidential and protected access through the Member Access of our website portal, 24/7.

UNIQA has established a network of healthcare providers throughout the Geneva region. In 2010, 80% of the in-patient benefits in Switzerland were paid within our network.


Thanks to our partnership with Global Excel Management, we have enlarged our healthcare providers’ network in the United States. We actually offer the opportunityto our insured persons to choose between more than 5'000 hospitals and nearly 750,000 medical providers in the United States thanks to our partnership withGlobal Excel Management to benefit from unbeatable saving advantages from our partner.


Health patterns are getting very concerned with demographic consequences on funding.

Our expertise led us to take part of actuary studies especially in the field of Long Term Care for the United Nations Organisation and CERN.
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