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Key facts and figures

UNIQA Insurance Group is present in all branches of insurance and is one of the leading insurance companies in Austria in Central Eastern Europe.

UNIQA Insurance Group at a glance (2015):

EUR 6.325 million premium volume

19.25 million policies

10 million customers

20 target markets

40 Insurance companies

About 14'000 employees

UNIQA in Switzerland:

UNIQA Assurances SA, an insurance company based in Geneva since 1971 and subsidiary of one of the largest European insurance groups, UNIQA Insurance Group based in Austria, officially announces the restructuration of its activities in Switzerland.

UNIQA in Switzerland has become a major actor providing international health insurance in Switzerland since 1971 in particular towards International Organizations and International Corporations. In the course of ambitious development plan initiated by UNIQA Insurance Group, insurance activities and administration have been split out as of January 1st, 2017.

The internal restructuration particularly aims as well the enhancement of the company's business flexibility by the combination of insurance and/or administration solutions as the reinforcement of the development capacities of UNIQA in the international health insurance sector out of and in Europe. Nadine Burcher, CEO of UNIQA GlobalCare and Chief Representative of the Swiss branch of UNIQA Liechtenstein stated: “The new structure represents an important step forward with our development plan. In addition to the reinforcement of our activities in Switzerland, UNIQA is able henceforth to extend our administration and underwriting capacities in Europe."

UNIQA Assurances SA becomes UNIQA GlobalCare SA in order to reflect its new mission. UNIQA GlobalCare SA will accordingly focus on contract administration and claim management (As Third-Party Administrator) on the behalf of insurers and International Organizations by changing its legal form from an insurance company to a service company.

Insurance risks formerly held by UNIQA Assurances SA will meanwhile be carried over by UNIQA Versicherung AG Liechtenstein, who has been operating in Switzerland through its Geneva branch as of January 1st, 2017.

The entire process has been operated under the aegis of the competent financial market authorities (FINMA in Switzerland and FMA in Liechtenstein) and in accordance with the Agreement on direct insurance and intermediation between the Swiss Confederation and the Principality of Liechtenstein signed on December 19th, 1996.

The points of contact of UNIQA GlobalCare SA and of the Swiss Branch of UNIQA Versicherung AG Liechtenstein as well as the entire staff in charge of claim handling and contract administration will absolutely remain identical and based in Geneva.

With its new structure, UNIQA is strongly committed to optimize the quality of service and the daily care towards its historical international and future clients from a strong local presence in Geneva.



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