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Key facts and figures

UNIQA Insurance Group is present in all branches of insurance and is one of the leading insurance companies in Austria in Central Eastern Europe.

UNIQA Insurance Group at a glance (2015):

EUR 6.325 million premium volume

19.25 million policies

10 million customers

20 target markets

40 Insurance companies

About 14'000 employees

UNIQA in Switzerland:

UNIQA  is a Swiss private insurance company based in Geneva since 1971. We are active into the field of international health and accident insurance.

UNIQA has been the health and accident insurance partner for CERN employees for more than 40 years.

UNIQA has also become the partner of the GPAFI (Provident and Insurance Group of International Officials) since 2010 for the suppplementary health insurance of the United Nations organizations.

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