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Our products

PERFORMA GOLD is a Worldwide health insurance covering  people who are not subject to their local social health insurance:

● Worldwide cover up to CHF 3 000 000 with freedom of choice of health care providers

● Direct payment all over the world to private clinics and public hospital in case of inpatient treatment

● Dedicated access to insurance cover information, claims summaries and correspondence, thanks to our secured webmembers access

● Dental, maternity and optical cover included in the core plans

● Assistance services included: Medical Assistance, Travel Assistance and Security Services

HOSPITALIA Complementary solution to the Swiss basic health insurance cover, including::

● Worldwide coverage of 100% of inpatient expenses and related expenses

ACCIDENTA is a collective accident insurance in case of death or disability:

In case of disability or death as the result of an accident, UNIQA will pay a lump sum to the eligible beneficiaries. If an accident causes a permanent incapacity for work (disability), UNIQA will pay:

● A lump sum in case of total disability

● A proportional lump sum in case of partial disability


UNIQA in Switzerland has gained a recognized expertise to administrate sophisticated and complex Insurance Scheme for International Organizations.

Our different level competences enable our clients to benefit from a dedicated and performing TPA service administration.

UNIQA in Switzerland ensures Organizations a rigorous costs containment with the highest standards of services to all Insurance Members.

Our historical partnership with CERN since 1971 definitely proves our commitment to deliver high-quality of services to both CHIS (CERN Health Insurance Scheme) Members and CERN itself.


Supplemental insurance solution to UNOG, WHO& ILO-ITU basic health insurance schemes:

● Coverage of 100% of medical and pharmaceutical expenses, as well as hospitalization in a private room

Please click on the link to contact G.P.A.F.I. to obtain addtional information or to apply for our insurance solution


ACCIDENTA-C225 Disability insurance specially designed for people holding a contract of association with CERN
LOSS OF SALARY INSURANCE Loss of earnings insurance scheme which fully complements CERN's remuneration policy
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