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Our insured members have a total freedom in terms of medical providers in the World. However, our insured members may benefit from our specific medical network in order to receive the best treatments whereever they are located.

UNIQA Assurances SA is able to give access to the best tariffs conditions in Geneva thanks to our long and stong partnership with the international organizations in Geneva.

Guarantee Of Payment (GOP)

UNIQA Assurances SA enjoys a long experience in terms of medical care management in the World. UNIQA Assurances SA has been indeed developping a huge expertise for issuing Guarantees Of Payment abroad.

For example, UNIQA Assurances SA issued Guarantees Of Payments in the following countries in 2012-2013:

Switzerland, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, Denmark, Serbia, Israel, Finland, Portuga, Poland, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Russia, India, Brasil, Venezuela, Malaysia, Jordania, New-Zealand, Hong-Kong, USA, Canada, Mexico, Czech Republic, Bolivia, Aruba, etc.

The Guarantee Of Payment is issued within 24 hours maximum. Medical treatments are paid to medical providers directly.



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