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UNIQA GlobalCare SA offers telemedicine services via a partnership with the company, Medgate.

Medgate is a leading provider of integrated out-patient care in Switzerland. The Medgate Telemedicine Center, Medgate Health Centers and the Medgate Partner Network integrate their work closely to guarantee comprehensive health care for the patient.

The Medgate Telemedicine Center offers you expert medical advice around the clock. You can even contact their medical team at nights, on the week-end or from abroad.

Please visit their website to obtain further information

Contact with Medgate:

  • Call Medgate. Reception will take your symptoms and your personal details.
  • Take photos of affected skin sites or eye changes and send them by email or with the Medgate App.
  • The medical team will discuss the ideal treatment with you.
  • If medically required, the Medgate physician will issue you a prescription.

In case you would need to find a Medgate Health Center or medical partner, please the following webpages: or

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